A nonofficial publication for the project 'Can We Live (Together)' held at Oil Street Art Space in 2014. Includes curatorial text by Lee Chung Fung. Participating artists and groups are Michael Leung of the 'Community Farming Project', Him Lo of 'People's Pitch', Kobe Ko of 'Chow Kai Chin' and Elaine W. Ho of 'HomeShop' project space in Beijing, as well as local art organisation '100 ft. PARK' and art award programme 'Tuna Prize'.

'Can We Live (Together) is an attempt to foreground experimental solutions to this perpetual pursuit, outlining the subjectivities and forms-of-life that emerge and proliferate in an autonomous fashion, inventing practices of mutual aid and self-help from the ground up. It is a tentative investigation of the creative powers and capacities that come to play in such instances, the significance that this has for the development of contemporary art and cultural life, as well as an endeavor, to reflect upon the ways in which this forms-of-life can be sustained and elaborated upon.' - excerpted from the curatorial text.

For the official exhibition catalogue, please refer to EX.HGK.CWL Can We Live (Together).

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Hair Together (All holdings in AAA)
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Hair Together, 一起毛

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