Catalogue accompanying the exhibition 'Resemble Reassemble' at Devi Art Foundation, Gurgaon from January to May 2010. Curated by Rashid Rana, it brings together works by 45 artists chosen from the Lekha and Anupam Poddar Collection of Pakistani contemporary art. At present, 'Contemporary Art in Pakistan' covers an extremely broad and diverse spectrum. In the early years of independent Pakistan, colonial influences fused with the inevitable post-colonial quest for regional identity to produce a distinct traditionalism. In recent years, however, another kind of art has emerged, one that is in touch with international artistic currents, less focused on parochial issues of genre and identity and more geared towards the mindsets of today's more globalized audiences. The exhibition explores how the artworks can be viewed outside the context of particular identities and how the resemblances in the works when juxtaposed and reassembled, produce meanings that are universally true in 'visual thinking'. Artist biographies are provided at the back of this catalogue.
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Resemble Reassemble

- Rashid RANA

Whence Pakistani Contemporary Art?

- Salima HASHMI

Reconstruction, Divergence and Change: Contemporary Pakistani Art in the 1990s

- Naazish ATAULLAH

Art in the Age of I.T.

- Quddus MIRZA

Resemble Reassemble
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Resemble Reassemble