Center for the Performing Arts: An Acoustical Marvel

Article titled 'Center for the Performing Arts: An Acoustical Marvel' by V.S. Sambo, published in Business Chronicle on 31 May 1970.

The article focuses on the construction of the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP), which began in 1965. Designed by Leandro Locsin, the CCP's massive, rough concrete edifice, in the style of Brutalist architecture, took four years to build on 21 hectares of reclaimed land along Manila Bay. Sambo wrote, 'The Cultural Center is in the city, both highly accessible and highly visible, giving the country a new visual axis.' When it opened in September 1969, it 'ushered in another milestone in the country's cultural aspirations.'

Teddy Hilado, CCP's technical director, discussed several aspects of the CCP's Main Theater and its state-of-the art equipment and acoustical conditions, which were carefully designed by a team of acoustical engineers and technicians from the Philippines, Japan and Australia. The flexibility of Locsin's design was also noted for its capacity to accommodate various types of performances.

The article mentions the beginnings of CCP's Main Gallery, which was initially a hall on the third floor converted into a temporary art gallery. Roberto Chabet, museum director and curator, is quoted, 'we are generally developing a good audience. People, students mostly come and look at the exhibition going on. They might hate the abstract art currently being shown, but this is an experience and again this is a reaction. It is what we have been aiming for in the first place.'

The article also includes a photograph from 'Amada', choreographed and performed by Alice Reyes and The Modern Dance Group, and set design by Roberto Chabet.

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Center for the Performing Arts: An Acoustical Marvel

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