This is a bilingual quarterly art magazine published in Japan. In this Winter/Spring 2007 issue, the special feature is "Art in India: A mighty river of the unique and the universal".

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Oct 2007

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Art in India: A mighty river of the unique and the universal
Interview with Nalini Malani
Interview with Shilpa Gupta
Ten Emerging Indian Artists to Watch - Bose KRISHNAMACHARI, Marta JAKIMOWICZ-KARLE, Johan PIJNAPPEL
India as a Source of Imagination - Yokoo Tadanori and Hosono Haruomi
The Billboards of Bollywood: A little-known connection to contemporary art - Amrit GANGAR
Art spots: Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore
Curator Interview 12: Yun Cheagab - L.N. TALLUR
Structures that Support the Arts 2: Hermes
Tsumura Kosuke: Fantasy Mode to Order 8 Client: Hanayo
Remembering Nam June Paik - Akira ASADA, 浅田彰
The Show Must Go On 4: Autumn/winter season makes a feverish start in London
Curators on the Move 4: Yan Pei Ming and Adel Abdessemed - HOU Hanru, 侯瀚如, Hans Ulrich OBRIST
Musings of a Curator 6: Contemporary art enters ground war phase - Yuko HASEGAWA, 長谷川祐子
Behind the Scenes 9: Censorship and self-censorship in Asian art
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ART iT (Vol. 5, No. 1; Winter/Spring 2007)