Featured in this issue is post 1989 contemporary Chinese art, Art Asia 1992 in Hong Kong, Taiwanese artist Tseng Ching-kan, Sri Lankan artist Hettiararchilage Karunaratne, and Pakistani artist Iqbal Hussain. This periodical also includes the following western artists - Maria Lacerda, Michael Nelson Tjakamarra, Steven Weinberg, Jose Joya, James Rosenquist, Barbara Hepworth, Bernardo P. Torrens, Jim Dine, Juan Reyes Haro, Paul Baxter, Tim Johnson, Orshi Drozdik, Riccardo Licato, Martin Bradley. Words From the Sky (Hong Kong/China) - author unknown.

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In With the New (Hong Kong/China)

- Karen SMITH

Pop Goes Political (Hong Kong/China)

- Scarlet CHENG

Art Asia 1992: Hong Kong Sustains a Leap of Faith (Hong Kong)

- Scarlet CHENG

The Wizard of Shapes (Taiwan)


Personal Portraits (Pakistan)

- Nicola SAUNTER

In Search of the Spiritual (Sri Lanka)


Exhibition Review: Melbourne (Australia): Paul Baxter at the Stuart Grestman Galleries

- Joanne RANSOME

Exhibition Review: Perth (Australia): Posters from Japan at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts


Exhibition Review: Sydney (Australia): Asian Boundaries in the Sydney Biennale

- Peter HILL

Exhibition Review: London (United Kingdom): Zeng Shanqing at the Far Eastern Art Gallery

- Siddhartha PRAKASH

Exhibition Review: Hong Kong: The Hong Kong Visual Arts Society at the Fung Ping Shan Museum

- Karen SMITH

Exhibition Review: Hong Kong: Kagoshima Art - Hong Kong Museum of Art

- Karen SMITH

Exhibition Review: Hong Kong: Contemporary Art in Glass at the Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre


Exhibition Review: Tokyo (Japan): A Perspective on Contemporary Art at The National Museum of Modern Art

- Maggie PAI, 白麥琪

Exhibition Review: Taipei (Taiwan): 1992 Innovational and Experimentation Chinese Ink Painting at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum

- Maggie PAI, 白麥琪

Exhibition Review: Taipei (Taiwan): Lin Liang Tsai's Sculpture at Jeh San Tang Gallery

- Maggie PAI, 白麥琪

Artists at Work (Vietnam)

- Gerhard JOREN

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Asian Art News (Vol. 3, No. 1; Jan/Feb 1993)