This book is a study of contemporary Los Angeles through the lens of performance art. It examines the significant roles that performance art has played in shaping, transforming, and delineating the multicultural ecology of Los Angeles.

'Performance art and Lost Angeles, two subject spectacularly resistant to definitions, illuminate each other in this searching study by Meiling Cheng. A marginal artistic pursuit by choice as well as necessity, performance art has flourished in and about "multicentric" Los Angeles for nearly four decades, finding its own centers of activity, moving and changing as the margins have reconstituted themselves. The notion of multicentricity serves, somewhat paradoxically, as the unifying motif in Cheng's imaginative views of center and periphery, self and other, and "mainstream" and "marginal" cultures. She analyzes individual artists and performances in detail, bringing her own "center" gracefully and unmistakably into contact with all those others. Without suggesting that her approach is definitive, she offers a way of thinking and talking coherently about particularly elusive, ephemeral artwork.' extracted from the back cover
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Inscribing Multicentricity: Performing Other Lost Angeleses
Out of Order: Reading, Writing, Performing (in) L.A.
Engendering Other/Selves: Suzanne Lacy
Elia Arce: A Skin Test and a Tongue Transplant
A Hetero-locus in Process: Self Performances at Highways
What’s in a Name?: Marking Sacred Naked Nature Girls
Kinesthetic Transmutation of Theatricality: Consuming Art Performances
In Other Los Angeleses: Multicentric Performance Art
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In Other Los Angeleses: Multicentric Performance Art

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