Interview with Chan Hofung Cedric by Leung Chiwo Warren

In the earlier part of the interview, artist Chan Hofung Cedric talks about the reasons why he studied design and photography at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, his creative and learning experience in the fields of visual arts, music, and theatre, and how he was influenced by Blues Wong, Joseph Fung, Kith Tsang, and Edward Lam (00:00–21:00). Chan continues to explain the importance of interacting with peers, the relationship between different media of creative expression, and a few topics of interest, such as gender thinking and interpersonal relationships (21:00–33:43). He also shares some observations and analyses on his experience from participating in exhibitions in Singapore. Since he was not formally trained in fine art, Chan further explains, his use of materials is more unconventional and inspired by his lived experience, culture, and emotions (41:12–1:00:00). In the last part of the interview, Chan talks about life’s trifles, cultural practices, Hong Kong artists’ common shortcomings, and some unfavourable factors undermining the development of art in Hong Kong (1:15:27–1:28:51).


藝術家陳浩峰在訪問的初段講述他選擇於香港理工大學修讀設計和攝影的原因,也提及在視覺藝術、音樂和劇場上的創作和學習經歷,和如何受到黃啟裕、馮漢紀、曾德平、林奕華等人的影響 (00:00-21:00)。陳氏繼而解釋朋輩之間互相交流的重要性、各種不同創作媒介之間的關係和一些自己感興趣的題材如性別思考和人際關係等 (21:00-33:43)。陳氏亦分析了最近在新加坡的參展經驗和觀察,並解釋在物料的運用上,由於沒有受過正統藝術訓練,靈感主要來自個人生活經驗、文化及情感因素 (42:12-1:00:00)。在訪問的後段,陳氏談及個人的生活瑣事、文化習性及香港藝術家的一些不足之處和香港藝術發展的不樂觀因素 (1:15:27-1:28:51)。

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Interview with Chan Hofung Cedric, 30 October 1998 , 訪問陳浩峰,一九九八年十月三十日