With the opening of his solo exhibition at the Shanghai Art Museum in March 2003, Zeng Fanzhi was the third contemporary Chinese artist to enjoy the privilege of a retrospective show in the Shanghai Art Museum. Entitled 'i/We: The Paintings of Zeng Fanzhi 1991-2003,' the exhibition and the present catalogue provide a comprehensive overview of Zeng Fanzhi's body of works of the past 12 years. Also featured are in-depth essays contributed by noted critics and art historians from China, Japan and the United States. Artist biography bibliography are included.
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wo. wo men: ceng fan zhi de hui hua 1991-2003

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Zeng Fanzhi: the Trauma of the Soul/ 曾梵志: 靈魂的創傷

- Robert C. MORGAN, 摩根羅伯特

All That Meets the Eye: Zeng Fanzhi's Art 1991-2003/ 眼目所及: 曾梵志的藝術作品, 1991-2003

- Karen SMITH

Contemporary Masked People/ 面具下現代人

- Toshio SHIMIZU, 清水敏男

A Restless Soul - Dialogue between Li Xianting and Zeng Fanzhi/ 永不安寧的靈魂-栗憲庭和曾梵志對談錄

- LI Xianting, 栗憲庭

i/We: The Paintings of Zeng Fanzhi 1991-2003
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i/We: The Paintings of Zeng Fanzhi 1991-2003, 我.我們:曾梵志的繪畫 1991-2003