'Between the end of 1994 and the beginning of 2000 the last five years of the previous millennium David Clarke took at least one black-and-white photo every day as he created a unique "photo diary". Drawing on this extensive visual archive, Reclaimed Land: Hong Kong in Transition offers a personal and critical perspective on the life of one of the world's most vibrant cities during a time of great change and self-questioning. This innovatively conceived book presents an analysis in deeply considered words and images of five years in Hong Kong's history whose exact mid-point (midnight on 30 June 1997) saw the end of British colonial rule and the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China. Instead of focusing on the much-documented ceremonial events surrounding the handover itself, however, "Reclaimed Land" examines a longer term process of physical and cultural transformation of which the events of mid-1997 were but one part.' - extracted from book jacket
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The Emporium: Spaces of Commerce and Consumption
Sites of Power Contested: Official and Civic Sites
City in Transit: Spaces of Circulation
Spaces of Memory: The Older Urban Neighbourhoods
Beyond the Concrete Forest: Village and Island Life
Against the Grain: Sites of Artistic Expression
Against the Grain: Sites of Artistic Expression
Reclaimed Land: Hong Kong in Transition
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Reclaimed Land: Hong Kong in Transition