A monograph of Chinese artist Su Xinping, featuring oil paintings completed by the artist during the 1990s. Trained as a printmaker, Su began to focus on working with oil in the early 1990s. The three essays featured here trace and analyze the evolution of his art in the context of the economic and social changes of Chinese society. Su's subject matters, the composition of his paintings, and especially the spiritual quality of his works are studied in detail. A biography of the artist is included.
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In this land known as the territory of the Buddha in ancient times, the streets are crowded with saints - GAO Minglu, 高名潞
Outer Appearances and Inner Mindscape: the Conceptual Approach of Su Xinping's Art - YIN Jinan, 尹吉男
Su Xinping: The Road of an Individual to Return to Society - SONG Xiaoxia, 宋曉霞
Su Xinping's Art
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Su Xinping's Art, 蘇新平作品

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