Featured in this CD-ROM is the video portfolio of 4 artists (Jason Lim, Kai Lam, Zul Mahmod and Juliana Yasin) presented by p-10, under the same title What Do You Want To Eat? (Appetiser).

Highlights of the live performances by the 4 artists are as follows:

Jason Lim
Beauty Show 2003, Utterlyart Exhibition Space, Singapore

Kai Lam
The Prop-Agenda Incident of Mr. Globe

Zul (Zulkifle) Mahmod
TVR:AOAR - documentation of The Vanishing Race: Apache On A Rampage

Juliana Yasin
The Veil (performed together with Rizman Putra) 2001, performed during Kampung 2000 at The Substation;
silk sheets stitched (performed together with Karee Dahl and Rosemary Lakerink) 2003, made for video installation for CP Open Biennale, Jakarta 2003.
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What Do You Want To Eat? (Appetiser) - Video Portfolio
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What Do You Want To Eat? (Appetiser) - Video Portfolio