Published on the occasion of Documenta (13), Chinese artist Yan Lei's paintings, based on digitally reduced photographs, explore the structure and function of the global art market as it relates to his own career.

With artist statement and biography.

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Yan lei: wo xi huan zuo de

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Yan Lei: Some Transitions Experienced by an Artist 顏磊:一個藝術家所經歷的一些轉折 - LI Zhenhua, 李振華
Aspen Sparling 追光--阿斯蓬 - Heidi ZUCKERMAN JACOBSON
Yan Lei: Space, Passages, Art / Life Stream 顏磊:空間,通道,生活/藝術流 - HU Fang, 胡昉
May I See Your Exhibition? 我能看看您的展覽嗎? - Philip TINARI, 田霏宇
Yan Lei: Climbing Space 顏磊:上升空間 - Nataline COLONNELLO
Negotiating the Non-Negotiable: On the Work of Yan Lei 與沒有商量餘地者的談判:顏磊作品評 - HOU Hanru, 侯瀚如
Taikang Project: Public Idealism Pointing at the System 泰康計劃:一個針對體制的公共理想 - TANG Xin, 唐昕
Edicola Notte, Roma 羅馬晚報攤空間 - Daniela TRINCIA
Yan Lei: Breathe Deep, Super Light and Sparkling 顏磊L深呼吸,特醇與追光 - Andrew MAERKLE
Out of Focus - A Dimension for Painting 為甚麼是繪畫?為甚麼是非聚焦? - PI Li, 皮力
Yan Lei: Free Langfang 顏磊:自由廊坊 - Jonathan NAPACK
Yan Lei 顏磊 - AI Weiwei, 艾未未
Super Light - Yan Lei's Art Practice 超級輕:顏磊的工作 - AI Weiwei, 艾未未
Li Zhenhua and Yan Lei: What I like to do 李振華與顏磊:我喜歡做的
Hans-Ulrich Obrist, Julia Peyton-Jones and Yan Lei 小漢斯、朱莉婭與顏磊
Carol Yinghua Lu and Yan Lei: Is there anything that cannot become art? 盧迎華和顏磊:有甚麼不可以成為藝術的呢?
Jérôme Sans and Yan Lei: Pop Punk Journal 傑羅姆‧桑斯與顏磊:流行朋克日記
Waling Boers and Yan Lei 瓦林‧布爾斯與顏磊
Yan Lei: What I Like to Do
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Yan Lei: What I Like to Do, 顏磊:我喜歡做的

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