This publication is produced on the occasion of the retrospective exhibition of  Japanese artist Tetsumi Kudo of the same title at The National Museum of Art, Osaka from November 2013 to January 2014, then at The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo from February to March 2014, and finally at Aomori Museum of Art from April to June 2014.

'Your Portrait' was one of Tetsumi Kudo's most frequently used titles. While the word 'you' indicates the audience constrained by a variety of established values and conventions, it also refers to Kudo himself as the work's first viewer. It is intended as a portrait of the human race as the unavoidable victim of radioactive contamination. Kudo's works might seem to be weird or repulsive, but they display his vision of a paradoxical paradise in which, in order to survive, human beings would be forced to live in harmony with nature and technology.

Includes Tetsumi Kudo's writings, his biography and exhibition history, bibliography, and a catalogue of his works from 1955 to 1988.
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Chapter headings
A Guide to Tetsumi Kudo Part 1-20

- Atsuhiko SHIMA, 島敦彥

1956-1962 From Anti-art to the Philosophy of Impotence
1962-1969 From Your Portrait to Cultivation by Radioactivity
1969-1970 A Brief Return to Japan and the Making of Monument of Metamorphosis
1970-1975 From Portrait of Ionesco to Pollution - Cultivation - New Ecology
1975-1979 From Portrait of Artist in the Crisis to Waiting for the Revelation in the Rain of Heredity-Chromosome
1980-1990 From Paradise and the Structure of the Emperor System to the Soul of the Avant-garde Artist
Tetsumi Kudo's Writings
Works That Do Not Need 'To Be Art'
Misanthropy → In Order to Prove Existence
Instant Sperm
Dear Mr. Beeren (Dear Europeans)
An Ironed Penis
Pollution-cultivation-nouvelle écologie
Entretien avec Kudo
Entre la cagte la peinture par l'ordinatuer
Un aperçu de la machine
Über den Vogelkäfig
A Spiritual Rite of Passage
Sur la structure du system japonais
The Cosmology of Tetsumi Kudo

- Yasuyuki NAKAI, 中井康之

The Politics in Tetsumi Kudo

- Takashi FUKUMOTO, 福元崇志

When the Box Is Presented to You: Tracing the Development of Tetsumi Kudo in Paris, 1962

- Tomohiro MASUDA, 桝田倫広

Tetsumi Kudo: The Will to Power as Art

- Takayo LIDA

Tetsumi Kudo and Tsugaru

- Toru IKEDA, 池田亨

Your Portrait: A Tetsumi Kudo Retrospective
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Your Portrait: A Tetsumi Kudo Retrospective, 工藤哲巳回顧展