This monograph was published on the occasion of Zheng Chongbin's solo exhibition in Singapore from October to November 2012. 'Amorphous Geometry' was made specifically for Valentine Willie Fine Art Singapore.

'Best known for his monochromatic ink brush paintings, Chongbin's newest works explore novel possibilities for the medium, a topic that has been present throughout his entire artistic career. Expanding upon themes of Variation, Geometry and Architectonic in this exhibition, the artist seeks to retain the fundamental material elements of ink painting as well as provide new outlooks for the medium's role in contemporary art.

Straying away from traditional representations and uses of ink painting, Chongbin looks at undiscovered territory in his latest works by investigating how ink can transcend the material space and physical boundaries of the canvas. By juxtaposing the rich history and cultural references of the ink medium with contemporary methods of abstraction, the artist successfully produces works that are both rooted in tradition and in the future.

What he creates is a change of perception. His works abandon traditional representations and instead look toward abstraction and beyond the material world for new artistic possibilities. The artist creates an entirely new language and purpose for how the medium can be viewed and understood in both its historical context and its future. The works of Zheng Chongbin in "Amorphous Geometry" are testaments to the possibilities of the entire medium of ink painting.' - from gallery's website.

Includes essay, artist biography and bibliography.
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Strategies of Reading and Reception in Chinese Ink: A New Painting-Installation by Zheng Chongbin - Iola LENZI

Zheng Chongbin: Amorphous Geometry
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Zheng Chongbin: Amorphous Geometry