Discussions with artists, art historians, writers, researchers, curators, and other thinkers in the field

Ho Tzu Nyen The Name (Still)

Ho Tzu Nyen on The Critical Dictionary of Southeast Asia

The Singaporean artist discusses tigers, ghosts, algorithms, and life after celluloid film


A Conversation Between Chen Kuan-hsing and Rasheed Araeen

On art, history, institutions, and decolonisation struggles


On the Practice of the Oral History Archives of Japanese Art | Part III: Interview with Kunie Sugiura

Kunie Sugiura talks about quitting physics in Japan and taking up photography in Chicago

© Ishiuchi Miyako

On the Practice of the Oral History Archives of Japanese Art | Part IV: Interview with Ishiuchi Miyako

Ishiuchi Miyako discusses Yokosuka Story, her love of the darkroom, and her artistic process

Exhibition view of Musée Imaginaire, 1947, written by André Malraux interpreted by Florian Schneid

On the Van Abbemuseum Archive

A conversation on the aims, roles, and possibilities of the Van Abbemuseum Archive

Five-storey Mansions_1 Five-storey Mansions, 2011, installation

Interview with James Chu

James Chu discusses Macau, his work for the recent Venice Biennale, and how he became an artist


Has the Moment of the Contemporary Come and Gone?

A discussion at Speakers' Forum, India Art Fair 2012 in Delhi

home_Another view of Cane, 2012

Interview with Loo Zihan

Singapore-based artist Loo Zihan discusses Josef Ng's infamous performance Brother Cane, which he reenacted in Chicago


Interview with Kao Chung-li

Taiwanese artist Kao Chung-li discusses power, pop culture, his passion for film, and how he deals with history in his work


Interview with Chu Hing Wah

Chu Hing Wah discusses his intuitive entrance into contemporary art, the evolution of his work, and his recent Lunar New Year project for M+

Automatic Happening, 2010, video, two channels, 29 minutes

Interview with Fang Lu

Fang Lu reveals her interest in food as an artistic medium and discusses the reality of being a female artist in China today


Interview with Desire Machine Collective

Desire Machine Collective examines their interest in negotiating power relations and elaborates on the two experimental art initiatives they founded in Guwahati, India

'How to set up and apartment for Johnny.', 2011, acrylic on fabric, cardboard paintings, video, read

Interview with Lee Kit

Lee Kit tells Chantal Wong about his anxiety, artistic inspiration, and obsession with personal hygiene products


Interview with Manuel Ocampo

The Filipino artist shares how his practice has changed since he started painting, his return to Manila, and the gallery and art school he has started there


Interview with Arin Rungjang

Thai artist Arin Rungjang reveals the role collaboration plays in his work and discusses his interest in everyday objects and exchanges

Traveling Plants, 2011, wild plants and suitcase

Interview with Phuong Linh Nguyen

The Vietnamese artist talks about salt workers, her shift away from provocative imagery, and her work with Nhasan Studio in Hanoi

Another view of Nous ne notons pas les fleurs, Fort Ruigenhoek

Interview with Tintin Wulia

Indonesian artist Tintin Wulia discusses global citizenship, the prevalence of maps in her work, and the secret that haunts her family


Interview with Roslisham Ismail (aka Ise)

The Malaysian artist discusses his collaboration with six Singaporean families and the socioeconomic problems stemming from Malaysia's "New Economic Policy"

Sleepwalker, 2002, performance

Interview with Duan Yingmei

The artist discusses the influences on her performance artwork, her interest in fairy tales, and her experiences studying with Marina Abramovic


Interview with Huma Mulji

The Pakistani artist discusses taxidermy, art schools in Pakistan, and the outside world’s perception of art from her country