This is the catalogue of the retrospective exhibition of Tseng Yuho which toured to a few Asian cities from 1992-1993. One of the pre-eminent Chinese painters of the 20th century, Tseng Yuhe was thoroughly trained in traditional painting techniques that emphasize brushwork and the elements of calligraphy from an early age. Tseng’s technique of painting, ‘dsui hua’, makes use of handmade papers and a collage method. She will tear and layer the paper and let the image and mood emerge unconsciously in the nuances of the paper’s texture and colour. Besides contributions from renowned scholars, this publication also includes the artist’s explanation of the technique she is practising and also, her attitude towards art. Biographical information is provided.

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- George R. ELLIS

The Artist Tseng Yuho: an Appreciation

- Richard BARNHART

Tseng Yuho: Unusual Life; Unusual Art

- Chutsing LI, 李鑄晉

The Art of Tseng Yuho

- DING Xiyuan, 丁羲元

Dsui Hua - Tseng Yuho
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Dsui Hua - Tseng Yuho, 掇畫 - 曾佑和