'A layered experiment in tropical art samizdat, collectivized cultural production, liberating the means of production, creating equal profit opportunities (alternative to exploitation in the cultural assembly line), and in decolonization via cottage industry print and Xerox. Featuring zines by ten artists from the Philippines.' - from the zine.

Contributors include Alfred Marasigan, Charles Salazar, Cru Camara, Czar Kristoff, Edreec Sanglap, Jem Magbanua, Joseph Pascual, Kevin Kunishi, Mac Andre Arboleda, Tammy David.

Two sets of post-scripts are inserted in the publication.

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The Zines of Production
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The Zines of Production

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AAA Library collects zines made by artists and art spaces, and also zines about recent art from Asia. Zines are not only a medium for artistic expression, but a space for unfiltered voices, with creators retaining complete control over the content, format, means of production, and distribution of their zines. The selection of zines on this page covers a wide range of topics—sociopolitical movements, activism, community, identity, gender, self-publishing, and more—showcasing diverse interests and contemporary concerns from an artistic perspective.

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Shortlist | The Semi-Autonomous Zine: Charting Margins and Peripheries in Independent Publishing

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