‘The Committee on Condition and Preservation of European Art in India’ was set up in 1983 after the Sotheby’s recommendations following their survey on the condition and assessment of European and non-Indian works of art in India. Gulammohammed Sheikh was one of the members of the committee along with Mildred Archer and Robert Skelton. The convener of the Committee was L. P. Sihare. The committee travelled to Delhi, Calcutta, Burdwan, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pondicherry, Mumbai, Goa and Baroda between 24 March and 20 April 1984.

Initially, set up to survey and identify the work of art for keeping in national institutions and take steps for their conservation and to identify objects which can be negotiated for sale in London, the committee’s recommendations emphasised on the role and importance of European art in India and proposed that the European artworks of all types present in India be preserved. It recommended several methods of preservations of artworks and training locals in restoration techniques and establishing conservation laboratories.


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