The Cape of Good Hope (Issue 13)

The thirteenth issue of The Cape of Good Hope, magazine published by the Modern Literature and Art Association Hong Kong in 1963 (13 issues in total).

現代之界說/魏子雲 | (Defining Modernity)/WEI Ziyun
釋維廉的河想/冰川 | (Interpreting Wai Lim's River Thought)/Bing Chuan
量/金炳興 | (Measuring)/JIN Bingxing
關於 荒原/司馬中原 | (On Wasteland)/SIMA Zhongyuan
詩人剪影/本社 | (Snapshots of Poets)/the editors
日本現代詩人/錦連 譯 | (Japanese Modern Peots)/translated by Jin Lian
村野四郎詩鈔/陳千武 譯 | (Poems by Murano Shiro)/translated by CHEN Qianwu
沙特戲劇 沒有影子的人/李英豪 譯 | (Sartre: Theatre Man without Shadows)/translated by LEE Ying Ho)

封面設計/譚乃超 | (Cover design)/TAN Naichao

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The Cape of Good Hope (Issue 13), 好望角(第十三期)