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This interview is part of the Hong Kong Art History Research - Pilot Project, a collaboration between Asia Art Archive and Hong Kong Museum of Art. This interview was conducted at Hon Chi-fun's home on 29 and 30 August 2013.

Hon Chi-fun (b. 1922, Hong Kong)

A member of the Modern Literature and Art Association (1958-64) and later the Circle Art Group (1964-1971), Hon was one of the artists with highest visibility inside and out of Hong Kong during the 1960s-70s. Hon worked as a postal clerk and was Hong Kong’s first recipient of the John D. Rockefeller III Fund in 1969. He then traveled to the US, and subsequently other parts of the world.

This interview explores the interpretation of Hon’s works as erotic, a reading that was not much circulated in the 1960s. The interview also considers Hon’s travels outside of the US after receiving the Rockefeller Grant and his travel photography from that time.

Hon lives and works in Hong Kong.

Shum Long-tin goes by the pseudonym Long Tin, and is a film critic, writer. Shum was the chief organizer for the Cattle Depot Book Fair in 2003, and a guest host on Commercial Radio programme “The Summit” from 2004-2011. He also teaches Creative Writing in Media at the School of Journalism and Communication, Chinese University of Hong Kong.

此訪談為 香港藝術史研究 ─ 先導項目的一部分。訪談於2013年8月29及30日在韓志勳家中進行。



現代文學藝術協會(1958-64)和中元畫會(1964-71)的會員,兩會均為香港1960-70年代活躍的文化藝術組織。1950-60年代於郵政局工作。1969年獲洛克斐勒三世基金(John D. Rockefeller III Fund)獎學金前往美國深造藝術,且走訪世界各地。


朗天 原名為岑朗天,作家、電影評論員。2003年擔任牛棚書展統籌,2004-2011年擔任商業電台節目《光明頂》嘉賓主持。現為香港中文大學新聞與傳播學院兼任講師,主講創意媒體寫作。

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Interview: Hon Chi-fun (Full Version Part 1), 韓志勳訪談 (完整版上半部分)

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