'This exhibition is co-sponsored by the He Xiangning Art Museum, the Hong Kong Arts Centre and the Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, and the works on display will travel among these three institutions, greatly extending the scope of what began as an internal artistic exchange. Following two thematically distinct years, the basic issues that we sought to address still exist and are embedded within the notion of exchange itself. This year, 17 artists and designers and five curators from the four-regions were invited to participate in the project. Representing different regions, they were randomly re-organized into seven small groups. Members of each group then experienced an in-depth exchange in their creative collaboration.'

-excerpted from Foreword by Ren Kelei, Director of He Xiangning Art Museum 



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1+1: A Cross-Strait Four-Regions Artistic Exchange Project Project Plan / 1+1—兩岸四地藝術交流計劃策劃方案

- FENG Boyi, 馮博一, WANG Xiaosong, 王曉松

The Infinite Permutations of Whether 1+1=2—1+1: A Cross-Strait Four-Regions Artistic Exchange Project Curatorial Statement / 1+1 是否=2的N次不確定方程式—「1+1—兩岸四地藝術交流計劃」策展札記

- FENG Boyi, 馮博一

The Berlin Wall and the Tower of Babel—Work Notes on Cross-Straits Four-Regions Artistic Exchange Project / 柏林牆和通天塔—兩岸四地藝術交流計劃散記

- WANG Xiaosong, 王曉松

1+1: A Cross-Strait Four-Regions Artistic Exchange Project
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1+1: A Cross-Strait Four-Regions Artistic Exchange Project, 1+1—兩岸四地藝術交流計劃