This DVD contains the following clips of the 1st Digital Art Festival Taipei 2006: Aura Spurt:

Video Art
1. 'Kel Bo Guan, Sickness of the Absurdity Medicine Group' by Tan Zung-Fan
2. 'un_letout' by Tseng Yu-Chin
3. 'The Line' by Niu Chun-Chiang
4. 'Thus Have I Heard'  by Wang Chung-Kun
5. 'Twins' by Juiming Wang

Audio Art
6. 'Qari' by Chiang Li-Wei
7. 'Noise Radio' by Yao Chung-Han
8. 'Remanet' by Tsai Shin-Yao
9. 'Radio Land' by Hsieh Chung-Chi

Interactive Installation
10. 'Speaker Tree' by Tseng Wai-Ho
11. 'Vanish into Space IV' by Lin Kun-Ying
12. 'OUCH!' by Huang Chih-Hao
13. 'Dusting' by Huang Hsin-Chien
14. 'The Living Room' by Tsao Hsun-Chih
15. 'One Million Heartbeats' by Hsu Su-Chu and Lin Jin-Yao

'Taipei Digital Art Festival Taipei 2006 is the first large digital art event inaugurating in Taipei, and will present both indoor and outdoor activities. The Festival aims to introduce digital art to the general public and through public involvement, creating art that reflects daily life of the public. In order to bring different angles and diversified experience of art to people's daily activities, this event will take place in the two historical buildings: Zhongshan Hall and Red Theatre in the Hsi-Meng-Ting and the pedestrian mall between them, the most popular spot of youths in Taipei.' (

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1st Digital Art Festival Taipei 2006: Aura Spurt, 第一屆台北數位藝術節: 靈光乍現

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