The Singapore pioneer artist Chen Wenhsi was awarded a Meritorious Service Medal at the 1992 National Day Honours Awards. A Dialogue with Tradition is an exhibition organised by the National Museum of Singapore to commemorate his investiture. On display are 43 Chinese ink paintings executed in the last decade of his life. These paintings represent the culmination of his stylistic development in integrating the disciplines of Post-impressionism with traditional Chinese ink painting. The present monograph includes articles by Kwok Kian Chow, Dr. Earl Lu, Dr. Chen Siew Min and Shao Da Zhen.
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A dialogue with tradition: Chen Wen Hsi's art of the 80s - Kianchow KWOK, 郭建超
My friendship with Chen Wen Hsi - Earl LU
Chen Wen Hsi's creative principle: The Yin Yang combination in my father's works - Siewmin CHEN, 陳少明
現代繪畫語言的創造者: 紀念著名畫家陳文希先生 - SHAO Dazhen, 邵大箴
A Dialogue With Tradition: Chen Wen Hsi's
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A Dialogue With Tradition: Chen Wen Hsi's, 與傳統對話: 陳文希八十年代的藝術