The present volume is published in conjunction with the project Curating Degree Zero Archive at Insa Art Space of the Arts Council Korea, Seoul, from 20 December 2006 through 4 February 2007. The book consists of eight tables sorted by participant (including independent curators, artist groups, new media curators and institutional curators), title of event, author, publisher, place, date, kind and isbn.

Curating Degree Zero Archive is "an archive, touring exhibition and web-resource exploring critical and experimental approaches to curating contemporary art". Initiated by Barnaby Drabble and Dorothee Richter in Zurich, it has grown into a form of archive since 2003 and toured around the world to exhibit the materials. Currently, about a hundred independent curators, artist groups, new media curators and institutional curators are participating in the project - and the number is still growing as the tour continues.

Each time in a different place, Curating Degree Zero Archive is presented in a new way by inviting institutions and artists, along with various events, workshops and debates. In Seoul, it was organized by Insa Art Space and reinterpreted by Sasa(44) and MeeNa Park. The artists' contribution to the project lies not only in their unique, visible presentation of the Archive, but in the behind-the-scene efforts to re-organize the materials in a meaningful way - including completely updating the Archive's inventory.

This book is a document of this endeavour: an attempt to turn what is usually left invisible unmistakably tangible; to capture an aspect of the urge to collect, organize, and archive.
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A revised inventory of Curating Degree Zero Archive
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A revised inventory of Curating Degree Zero Archive