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It's both a crisis and a chance: An reflection on the foreign-invested galleries pouring into Beijing (是危機, 亦是時機: 對外資畫廊通入京城現象的思考) - HU Zhen, 胡震, HE Jinfang, 何金芳
Enjoy the strange feeling with painting: Interview with Chinese contemporary artist Zeng Fanzhi (喜歡創時的一種陌生感覺: 中國當代藝術家曾梵志訪談) - HU Zhen, 胡震
From ethical oppose to creative confrontation: Analysis of Zeng Fanzhi's art works between 1992 and 2006 (從道德的對抗到創造的對抗: 小析曾梵志1992-2006年的繪畫創作)
Faith for the realm of art: Interview with Lin Song, the owner of Hanmo Arts Gallery (由理念支撑起的藝術世界:世紀翰墨畫廊主人林松專訪) - LIU Minglian, 劉明戀
Neo-historism and contemporary Chinese art: Summary of the symposium on departing from Southwestern China: contemporary art show 1985-2007 (新歷史主義與中國當代藝術: ' '從西南出發' 當代藝術展 1985-2007' 學術研討會紀要) - WANG Lin, 王林, LI Li, 李俐
A preview of Art Shanghai 2007 (2007第五屆上海春季藝術沙龍前瞻)
Special events in the China International Gallery Exposition 2007 (4th edition) (2007第四屆中國國際畫廊博覽會特別活動系列)
Quietness and solemnity: Chen Jianzhong's art works (寧靜而莊嚴:陳建中的繪畫藝術) - ZHANG Yanfeng, 張延風
The symbolic language of reform in reality: Liu Rongkun's works (現實語境中重構的符號語言: 讀劉榮坤與他的作品) - Jun YANG, 楊俊
Shen Qin's works and the relvant topics (沈勸作品及相關話題) - LI Xianting, 栗憲庭
The combination of the classical spirit and contemporary perception: Lin Lan's gold ink paintings (古典氣質與現代感覺的結合: 我看林藍的金版水墨) - LU Hong, 魯虹
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Art Gallery Magazine (Vol. 111, No. 2; Apr 2007), 畫廊 (總111期, 第2期)