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To the Venice Biennale with love: Has the Biennale reached a turning point? - Takashi SHINKAWA, 新川貴詩
Interview with Cao Fei
Cao Fei: A cosplayer recounts alternative histories - HOU Hanru, 侯瀚如
China Tracy Pavilion - CAO Fei, 曹斐, OU Ning, 歐寧
Asia-Pacific pavilion highlights - CHE Kyongfa, 최경화
Curator interview: China's women, women's China
Commissioner interview: Hiroshima memories, Venetian vestiges
Commissioner interview: Overcoming Korea's inferiority complex
Special interview: Robert Storr, Director of the 52nd International Art Exhibition of the Venice Biennale
Chinese shadow pavilion
Japanese shadow pavilion
Korean shadow pavilion
National strategies for Venice: What the facts and figures reveal
Interview with Bae Young-whan
Structure that support the arts 3: Cartier
Tsumura Kosuke: Fantasy mode to order 9 : Interview with Kojima Sako
Special article for the Documenta magazine project: 'Modernity' in Asia - Fumihiko SUMITOMO, 住友文彥, KIM Sunjung, 김선정, JIANG Jun, 姜珺
Curators on the move 5: from Hans Ulrich Obrist to Hon Hanru: Exhibition-making in a transnational context - Hans Ulrich OBRIST
Does Japan have a 'Venice strategy'?
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ART iT (Vol. 5, No. 2; Spring/Summer 2007)