This publication is produced on the occasion of exhibition of the same title held in Hong Kong Museum of Art, Hong Kong from December 2013 to April 2014.

'Professor Wan possesses a substantial collection of paintings, calligraphy, seals and letters by pivotal artists of the 20th century, all priceless gifts from his teachers and friends since his youth in the 1970s.

This exhibition showcases more than 140 Chinese paintings, calligraphy, seals and handwritten letters from 54 artists and scholars, each associated with abiding memories from Professor Wan's life journey. The exhibits are divided into five chronological sections: (1) "Little Friend of the Ox-Shed" (1963 – 1973), (2) "Returning from Farm Labour, Days at the Beijing Fine Art Academy" (1973 – 1979), (3) "Back to the Central Academy of Fine Arts" (1979 – 1984), (4) "A Nationalist with an Elitist Overseas Doctorate" (1984 – 1989), (5) "A Retainer at Universities in Hong Kong" (1989 – 2011).

This exhibition aims to shed light on the development of art styles in politically traumatic 20th century China. These works of art and written correspondence between Wan and leading artists of the period are no longer merely personal possessions, but a visual record of history.' - extracted from museum's website.

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Cun nian: wan qing li zhen cang shi you kui zeng shu hua yin zhan lan

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WAN Qingli, 萬青力

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序言 / Preface - TAM Meiyee Eve, 譚美兒
前言 / Foreword - WAN Qingli, 萬青力
揭示藝術的人性面 / Art has a Human Face - Aida-Yuen WONG
Bonds of Memory: Wan Qingli's Collection of Chinese Art given by his Teachers and Friends
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Bonds of Memory: Wan Qingli's Collection of Chinese Art given by his Teachers and Friends, 存念: 萬青屴珍藏師友饋贈書畫印展覽