Published in conjunction with Tu Wei-Cheng's 'Confucius Dancing Mambo,' an exhibition following his residency at Providence University, Taichung. 

'From his invention, excavation, and exhibition of the 'Bu Num Civilization' to more recent projects as 'By Day, By Night,' or '(Some) Special Things a Museum Can Do' at the Rockbund Art Museum in Shanghai, Tu’s work blends public experiences and memories of ancient relics with Contemporary art. The artist thus brings into question the relationships between old and new, traditional and contemporary, authentic and counterfeit, virtual and real, creation and curating, individual and system, and art and market.' (Excerpt from Tina Keng Gallery)

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Tu wei zheng: Fu zi tiao man bo

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Prayers for Regeneration in the Flexures of Life/ 生命折叠中再生的祝禱

- PONG Yushun, 彭宇薰

The Sage, Sagely Instructions, and Self-Feedback: On the Dual Significance of the Campus Resident Artist, Inspired by Tu Wei-cheng's Residency at Providence University/ 夫子.夫指.自我反饋-從涂維政靜宜駐校的心理觸發 論「駐校藝術家」的雙互意義

- LI Suhsien, 李思賢

Confucius Dancing Mambo: A Self-Narrative/ 創作自述:《夫子跳慢波》

- TU Weicheng, 涂維政

A Grain of Wheat: Reading 'Confucius Dancing Mambo' - Tu Wei-cheng's Recent Exhibition/ 一粒麥子-讀涂維政近展《夫子跳慢波》

- CHANG Chenglin Nicholas, 張正霖

When Public Art Meets University Students - Recording and Reflecting on Artist Tu Wei-cheng's Residency at Providence University/ 當公共藝術遇上了大學生

- LIU Yiling, 劉宜羚

Confucius Dancing Mambo: Tu Wei-Cheng
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Confucius Dancing Mambo: Tu Wei-Cheng, 涂維政:夫子跳曼波