This CD-ROM contains press images of works by 21 participating artists and groups featured in the exhibition 'Digital Sublime: New Masters of Universe' at MOCA, Taipei from 16 May to 8 August 2004. Includes list of exhibited works in Chinese and English.

Note: Only artists of Asian descent are listed below. Others include: Knowbotic Research (Germany/Switzerland), Golan Levin (United Kingdom), Joseph Nechvatal (United States), Mathieu Briand (France), John F. Simon Jr (United States), Michael Kunze (Germany), Catherine Ikam (France), Miltos Manetas (Greece), Jose Carlos Casado (Spain), John Tonkin (New Zealand), Rafael Rozendaal (Netherland), Zilla Leutenegger (Switzerland), Eva Stenram (United Kingdom).
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Digital Sublime: New Masters of Universe, 媒體城市:數位昇華

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