'This exhibition, commencing from the historical taboo of the 228 Incident, introduces the artist's criticism of authoritarianism; meanwhile, through the criticism the artist challenges the inadequate solo interpretation on the hybrid identity. Mei searches for cultural identity in the confusion of eastern and western cultural circumstances he faces as a Taiwanese artist. His works discuss politics, culture, history and international geopolitics, and the inherent complexities of political incomprehensible mechanisms and contradictions. At the same time, any discussion of politics relies on artist's distinctively playful interpretations, a much-needed dose of humour in the search for an interpretive antibody.'- From the leaflet of the exhibition.

More detailed discussion of the art of Mei Dean-E can be studied in the accompanying essays and interview. Artist biography is included.
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Exhibition Discourse - HUANG Shuping Iris, 黃舒屏
Interview with Mei Dean-E - CHEN Hsiangchun Elsa , 陳香君
Mei Dean-E's Political Iconography - CHEN Taisong, 陳泰松
Artist's Statement - MEI Deane, 梅丁衍
Displacement: Mei Dean-E Solo Exhibition
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Displacement: Mei Dean-E Solo Exhibition, 梅氏解讀玩:梅丁衍個展