This is the catalogue published in conjunction with both the exhibitions 'Eaten Your Fill of Rice?' at the Capital Square and Plymouth Gallery in 2004.

The artist points out that the vernacular Chinese greeting 'Eaten your Fill of Rice?' is equivalent to saying 'How are you?' or 'What's up?'. It is also the title of an ambitious and engaging series of photographs and installations, in which the artist addresses his culture by photographing bowls of rice and different installations of bowls of rice that refer to different meanings in Chinese culture.

Artist biography is included. The monograph is in English language with Chinese titles of artworks.
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Foreword - Kenneth M. QUINN
Foreword - David RUHE
Bowl As Vessel - Robert LEE
Chee Wang Ng: Eaten Your Fill of Rice? - Jonathan GOODMAN
September 11th Memorial Installation - Chee Wang NG, 吳子雲
100 China(s): All Chinese Looks Alike... - Chee Wang NG, 吳子雲
Eaten Your Fill of Rice?
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Eaten Your Fill of Rice?, 食飽飯未呀?

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