This disc contains images of the following art events in Hong Kong and Shenzhen:

1. 'Xu Bing: Forest Project', He Xiangning Art Museum, Shenzhen. (162 images)
2. 'See-Through Inaugural Performance: Body Movement Drawing Series - Pass thro' 404', installation by yuenjie at Woofer Ten. (7 images)
3. 'Wai Pongyu: Ceaseless Lines', Grotto Fine Art. (24 images)
4. 'Nature Transformer: Microwave International New Media Arts Festival', Hong Kong City Hall. (70 images)
5. 'Lustfully Yours', group exhibition, Hulahoop Gallery. (20 images)
6. 'See-Through - Collection: Discarded Memoir', installation by Magdalen Wong at Woofer Ten. (2 folders, 160 images, 1 video)
7. 'Budding Winter: Art in the Park', Hong Kong Park. (27 images)
8. 'Someone Singing and Calling Your Name', Lee Kit's solo exhibition, Osage Soho. (24 images)
9. 'Sculpture on Hong Kong Sea 2009', exhibition of site-specific and environmental sculptural works from Repulse Bay to Deep Water Bay. (100+ images)

Photos by AAA: Phoebe Wong and Wen Yau.
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Event Documentation by AAA Hong Kong Staff: November 2009