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Disc 1

1. 6th Photo Festival at Gana Art Centre from 16 June to 9 July 2006. Featured in the file are mostly exhibited works by Bae Bienu and Elger Esser. ( 64 images)

2. Chung Suejin's solo exhibition at Arario Seoul from 5 July to 6 August 2006. (93 images)

3. 'Shinsegae Art Fair: Purple Cake', held at Shinsegae Department Store Culture Hall organized by Kim Jinhye. (35 images)

Disc 2

4. 'Circuit Diagram', group exhibition at Songgwon Art Centre from 16 June to 22 July 2006. (59 images)

5. 'Long and Short', solo exhibition of Choi Sunah at Alternative Space Loop from 14 July to 11 August 2006. (34 images)

6. 'Yeol', group exhibition at Insa Art Space from 11 July to 23 August. (28 images)

Photos by AAA: Iris Moon

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Event Documentation: Korea: June 2006/ July 2006

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