In writing about the ‘Joyful Time’ series by Chinese artist Zhang Xiaotao, Huang Zhuan says, ‘In the works of “Joyful Time”, the visual images with different or even opposite meaning patterns are blended in the pictures by non-organic way: strange beasts in prehistoric ages, pornographic engraving, figures in wedding dresses, various aquatic animals and even demons of Marc Chagall’s type… this new expressionist approach adopted by Zhang Xiaotao in his works is also to create a visual sense of metaphor. On the one hand, he makes use of vulgar and popular images, both ancient and modern and on the other hand, he tries to make them free from the “plane” narrative logic so as to help those images into a contradictory and dramatic state and bring about a new socialized meaning.’ This catalogue was published in conjunction with Zhang Xiaotao’s solo exhibition at Pacific Bridge Gallery in Oaklands, California, in 2000. Artist biography and essays on Zhang’s artistic development are included.
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Zhang Xiao Tao's 'Joyful Time' - Mary Ann PERTO
'Carrying Forward in the Depth of Visual Sense...' -- My View of Zhang Xiaotao's Recent Works - HUANG Zhuan, 黃專
The Silence of a Firecracker: On Zhang Xiao Tao's New Paintings - Walter SCHURIAN
The Space Interwoven with Aesthetic Perception; Pleasant Sensation and Sense of Pain -- Notes from the Creation of The Magnified Stage Properties - ZHANG Xiaotao, 張小濤
Fabricated Images: Personal Exhibition of Works by Zhang Xiaotao in Oakland CA
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Fabricated Images: Personal Exhibition of Works by Zhang Xiaotao in Oakland CA