This publication reflects on the state of visual art in Hong Kong. It includes a summary of key exhibitions, art activities and incidents which took place in 1995.

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Summary: Expanding Space- A Summary of Hong Kong Art '95

- MA Kin, 馬建

2/95 Stream Heritage · Transformation: Stream Heritage · Transformation Installation

- YU Tim Taikeung, 余大強

7/95 A Dialect of Culture: Civilisation In Dialect - 'A Dialect of Culture' Exhibition

- TSANG Waihang, 曾偉恆

4/95 Pre '97 Art Proposals and Projections - Installation, Performance and Conceptual Art ...... : The Cultural Language Environment Confronting Hong Kong in the '97 Handback

- MA Kin, 馬建

4/95 Pre '97 Art Proposals and Projections - Installation, Performance and Conceptual Art ...... : Paint the Streets Red Plan

- WONG Shunkit, 王純杰

11/95 Pre '97 Special Arts Zone: The SAR of Art - Introduction to the Pre '97 Arts Zone

- PAN Xinglei, 潘星磊

7/95 Phallic Art Exhibition: Hong Kong's Erection

- PAN Xinglei, 潘星磊

12/95 Calling Art into Question
8/95 Media Multiplication: Taking Root - A Critical Appraisal of Installation Art in Hong Kong

- YUEN Kwokchung, 袁國聰

8/95 Media Multiplication: Peformance of Ideas

- TO Woo Louis, 杜煥

8/95 Media Multiplication: Liberation Through Movemen

- HO Echo Yinsin, 何燕茜

6/95 Red Action

- PAN Xinglei, 潘星磊

6/95 Who Holds Tomorrow: Artist Statement

- NG Bobby Kimming, 吳劍明

8/95 Position: On Position

- LO Chilo, 羅紅芝

8/95 Basic Space

- WONG Shunkit, 王純杰

(Porridge Art Association in Venice)

- CHANG Hingshing, 鄭慶成

9/95 New Dimension Art

- WONG Shunkit, 王純杰

8/95 Art Camp: A Camping Ground for Art

- WONG Shunkit, 王純杰

Postscript: Forward in the Spotlight - The Young Artist Association in Action

- WONG Shunkit, 王純杰

Postscript: 1995 - Background of Forward Group

- PAN Xinglei, 潘星磊

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