This CD-ROM contains:

Biography of Chang Genghao last updated 2004

Biography of Chang Genghwa last updated 2004

4 Images of 班特 by Chang Genghwa and Genghao from exhibition entitled 'Fiction. Love' in 2004

19 Images from exhibition 童年飛行計畫 by Chang Genghwa in 2004

3 video clips of 遊 by Chang Genghao in 2004

3 images of 雙生仔 by Chang Genghao in 2003

19 Images from exhibition 白日夢機場 by Chang Genghwa in 2003

11 images from exhibition 飛天搖搖馬 by Chang Genghwa and Chang Genghao in 2003

20 images from exhibition 飛行器 by Chang Genghwa in 2001

18 Images from exhibition 呆頭鵝 by Chang Genghwa
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Genghao and Genghua