'Guan Wei's art is characteristically one of socio-political comment, relating to colonisation, migration, cultures, western science, belief systems, the environment and the plight of refugees. These themes are treated with profound awareness and whimsy, revealing a benevolent view of human nature. Claire Roberts writes in her introduction that Guan Wei's art is one of "thoughtful and playful engagement with his own life situation and contemporary culture".' - extracted from texts on the inside front flap.

The present monograph includes essays by Dinah Dysart, Natalie King and Hou Hanru, who bring fresh insight to Guan Wei's oeuvre and explore the myriad viewer and critical responses that his art invites. Their essays shed light on Guan Wei's distinctive visual language, which draws on his noble Manchu ancestry, what Hou Hanru calls his 'Beijingness' and his strong desire to connect with today's world. This volume also includes a foreword by Edmund Capon (Director of Art Gallery of New South Wales), selected bibliography, biographies of the artist and the contributors, and a list of works.
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Guan Wei: Fables for a contemporary world - Claire ROBERTS, 羅清奇
Guan Wei: Cultural navigator - Dinah DYSART
Chinese whispers: The work of Guan Wei - Natalie KING
Guan Wei: Bon vivant à la Pékinoise - HOU Hanru, 侯瀚如
Guan Wei
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Guan Wei