Catalogue of joint exhibition held at Kunstmuseum Bern, Switzerland in 2007. Unlike Western modernisms of the 20th century that rejected the narrative in favour of the self-reflective artwork, India has had a strong tradition of figurative, narrative painting that goes back several decades. The exhibition 'Horn Please' attempts to follow the journey of the narrative over three decades, from the 1980s to the present, by tracing certain 'critical' moments in Indian art – moments of both assimilation and intervention – through which a particular kind of narrative was constructed. By representing scenes from everyday life, fictive happenings, mythology and satire as well as autobiographical, societal and historical material, the contributing artists reflect an India that has changed economically, politically and socially over the last three decades.

'Horn Please' tries in its own way to bring together the multiplicity and diversity of art practice around the well-defined, the ambiguous and sometimes fragmentary narratives told through painting, sculpture, photography, photomontage, video, animation and installation work. The exhibition also shows how people who do not come from a primarily artistic background bring in new types and styles of narratives and how a number of women artists began using the narrative in different ways in new media work.

Artist biographies and curatorial notes are provided in the catalogue.

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The Multiple Predicaments of the Narrative - Bernard FIBICHER
Horn Please - Parul DAVE-MUKHERJI
Partisan Views about the Human Figure (1981) - Geeta KAPUR
In Conversation with Gulammohammed Sheik - Suman GOPINATH
Questions and Dialogue (1987) - Anita DUBE
Transit Lounge: Contemporary Art in India (1992-2007) - Jitish KALLAT
Late Arrival: An Exhibition Chronology of Contemporary Indian Art - Brigitte ULMER
Narratives in Contemporary Indian Art: A Concept Note - Githa HARIHARAN
Horn Please: Narratives in Contemporary Art
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Horn Please: Narratives in Contemporary Art

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