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Essay titled Things that Happened in Hong Kong in the Past Two Years—On Alternative Art Spaces in Hong Kong: Taking “Things that can happen” as an Example written by Mary Lee Wanling is available on the Hong Kong Visual Arts Year Book's website: (last accessed: 11 Aug 2021).

A physical copy of the essay is included in this file. 


Founded in 2015 by Lee Kit and Chantal Wong and managed by Mary Lee Wanling, Things That Can Happen was a non-profit art space located in Sham Shui Po. The impetus for the space was to essentially create an alternative space to institutional ones. During the two years of operation, Things That Can Happen organised exhibitions, artist and curator residencies, as well as other community-centred cultural events.

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Independent Initiative File (Hong Kong): Things That Can Happen, 自主藝術團體/計劃檔案 (香港): 咩事藝術空間

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