Video recording of Speakers' Forum at the India Art Fair 2012. Set of three discs featuring the following sessions held on 28 January 2012:

Session 7: The Arab Spring and the Broadening Gulf
Speakers: Jack Persekian and Suzanne Cotter
Moderator: Kavita Singh

Session 8: De-coding the Indian Art Market: A Look at the Driving Factors Behind Collecting Art
Speakers: Jan Dalley, Amrita Jhaveri, Tim Marlow, Kiran Nadar, and Prateek Raja
Moderator: Priyanka Mathew

Session 9: You Don't Have to Be a Millionaire to Collect Art
Speakers: Parmesh Shahani and Sonal Sood
Moderator: Maithili Parekh

Session 10: Artists' Conversation: Marc Quinn, Bharti Kher, and A Balasubramaniam
Speakers: Mark Quinn, Bharti Kher, and A Balasubramaniam
Moderator: Sara Raza
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India Art Fair Speakers' Forum 28.01.12