Interview with Ellen Pau by Leung Chiwo Warren
In the second recording, Pau laments that she is not good at communicating with others and promoting her own ideas (00:00–03:50); she thinks that so-called Hong Kong art should be promoted by artists themselves, but be promoted and supported by art research institutions or education institutions. In Hong Kong, however, institutional support is lacking. Moreover, Hong Kong society prioritises material wealth and housing property over art, so art is not considered important, Pau comments.   

在錄音的第二節裡,鮑氏覺得自己不擅於主動跟人溝通和推廣自己的意念 (00:00-03:50);又認為所謂香港藝術,本不應由藝術家推動,而應由藝術研究機構或學院作推廣及支援,但香港卻在這一方面卻相當匱乏,加上香港社會以追求物質和房屋需求為主,缺乏對藝術的重視 (3:50-13:20)。
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Interview with Ellen Pau, 15 September 1998 (Part 2), 訪問鮑靄倫,一九九八年九月十五日(第二部份)