'Okin is a group of artists concerned with issues of spatial regeneration, intervention and collaboration. The name Okin references the famous Okin-Dong site redevelopment and the associated process of tearing down the existing buildings. Through their activities, the group excavates the complexities associated to conflicting temporalities, topologies and agendas. Okin’s first public event, "Okin OPEN SITE" precariously held at the demolition site itself, functioned to highlight the situation and the discrepancies between individual and corporate power. In addition, it had the added functionality of performing as a "conceptual wake": the ability to recognize the importance of something, celebrate its existence, lament its disappearance and, in doing so, enact the ability to move on, not as an act of leaving behind, but of carrying forward.' (Claudia Pestana, from Okin Collective's Blog)

This book documents the ongoing project by Okin Collective from July 2009 to June 2012, including photos, drawings, essays and transcriptions of interviews.
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Foreword: The manifesto has been delayed...

- YI Joungmin, 이정민

Looking in from the Outside

- Haeo YOUNG

Interview, Walking Magazine, Issue 7
Interview, Dazed and Confused Korea, Issue 33
Internet Radio Station [Studio+82] #5, #6
A Record of Participating in an Unexecuted Performance

- Wooseong LEE

Upon the Fall of the World

- HYUN Seewon, 현시원

Signposts: A Common Past for a Collective Future

- Jason WAITE

Interview, Article, Jan 2012
Podo Forum: Roundtable
Okin Collective
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