The publication is produced on the occasion of group exhibition of PARKETT of the same title held at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum in Taipei from May to August 2013.

'The book presents a unique document of art today. It features the complete works made by compelling and important artists from over forty countries for PARKETT since the magazine's founding in 1984.

A series of accompanying essays by Huang Hai-Ming, Director TFAM, and Deborah Wye, Curator, MoMA, New York, et al., provides an in-depth understanding of these works as well as of the social and political context of the show itself. This fully bilingual catalogue raisonné offers the reader nothing less than a comprehensive survey of contemporary artistic creation at the turn of the 21st century.' - excerpted from back cover.

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Pa ke te x yi shu jia: 220 jian he zuo ji hua +5

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Connecting the Dots from the Travelling Musée en Appartement: What can we learn from the Parkett exhibition? | 遊牧公寓博物館創意連結:我們能在<<帕克特>>雜誌回顧展 得到什麼啟示? - HUANG Haiming, 黃海鳴
Introductory Remarks | 引言 - Dieter von GRAFFENRIED
Collaborations with Parkett: 1984 to Now | 1984年至今,與<<帕克特>>合作 - Deborah WYE
The Museum Plays House | 博物館扮家家 - Susan TALLMAN
Reading Parkett in Beijing: Thoughts on Magazine and the Global | 在北京解讀<<帕克特>>:有感於一本雜誌及整個世界 - PU Hong, 蒲鸿
220 Editions, alphabetically by artists | 220件合作計劃(依藝術家姓氏字母排列)
+5 Meeting Room, Special Collaborations at TFAM | +5會面室:北美館特別計劃
PARKETT - 220 Artists' Editions & Collaborations +5 since 1984
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PARKETT - 220 Artists' Editions & Collaborations +5 since 1984, 帕克特 X 藝術家:220件合作計劃 +5