This disc contains the following published articles and book chapters (in PDF format) written by Nora Taylor, a scholar and curator specializing in Vietnamese contemporary art:

'Asian Art and Its Discontents'

'Framing the National Spirit: Viewing and Reviewing Painting under the Revolution'

'Vietnamese Anti-Art and Anti-Vietnamese Artists: Experimental Performance Culture in Ha Noi's Alternative Exhibition Spaces' (available online)

'Orientalism/Occidentalism: The Founding of the Ecole des Beaux-Arts d'Indochine and the Politics of Painting in Colonial Viet Nam, 1925-1945'

'Pho Phai and Faux Phais: The Market for Fakes and the Appropriation of a Vietnamese National Symbol'

'Raindrops on Red Flags: Trang Trong Vu and the Roots of Vietnamese Painting Abroad'

'Why Have There Been No Great Vietnamese Artists?' (available online)
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Published Articles by Nora Taylor