This publication is produced on the occasion of the exhibition 'Restlessness - New Works by Tong Chong' at AFA Macau, 12 June - 11 July 2010.

'Of the younger generation of “part-time” artists in Macao, Tong Chong is unquestionably the most productive. Despite his busy working schedule, he insists on creating works in addition to taking care of his family, neither of which can be achieved without his persistent efforts. Following Back & Forth – Works by Tong Chong organised by Art for All (AFA) in early 2008, his forthcoming exhibition is another solo exhibition showcasing 12 paintings and two wood sculptures created by Tong Chong during the past two years.'

'In contrast to the Chinese saying "The lovable isn't believable, and the believable isn't lovable," Tong Chong’s new works are both lovable and believable, from which one can seemingly feel that the artist has found the shady tree in the hot sun but is discontented staying under the shade without the breeze. Such restlessness turns into an artist’s motivation for seeking growth. This is exactly the absent quality in local art circles. As trees can be planted while wind cannot be summoned, I sincerely hope that the soil of local arts will become more fertile, whereby talented young artists like Tong Chong can have more opportunities to bring their talent into full play, rather than sitting under the tree doing nothing. One day, they will not bemoan their fate but look forward to seeing a fertile soil for artists.' (from website of AFA Macau)

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Restlessness: New Works by Tong Chong
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Restlessness: New Works by Tong Chong, 樹下無風:唐重新作集