Restricted Fixations Issue 6: Echoes contributions from Vinayak Suresh, Shivangi, Upasana Mehndiratta, Neil Malone, Vasvi Oza, Tash, Pallavi Singh, Dhwani Shah, Radhamohini Prasad, Hansa Thapliyal, Jahnavee Baruah, Siddhi Quilters, Husenbi Moulasab Jamadar, Ashabi Jamadar, Shakeerambi Ibrahimsaab Jamadar, Katunbi Pandarawala, Annette Jacob, Dhwani Shah, Paro, JAWDAW, Aarthi Parthasarathy, Meenal Singh, Prakruti Maitri, Ashrita Jannu, Annalisa Mansukhani and Ranjan De. 

This issue is supported by Khoj International Artists' Association. 

Restricted Fixation is a subscription-based zine series with a total of eight issues.

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Restricted Fixations Issue 6: Echoes
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Restricted Fixations Issue 6: Echoes

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