'The relationship between the body and electronic technology, extensively theorized through the 1980s and 1990s, has reached a new technosensual comfort zone in the early twenty-first century. In Sensorium, contemporary artists and writers explore the implications of the techno-human interface. Ten artists, chosen by an international team of curators, offer their own edgy investigations of embodied technology and the technologized body. These range from Matthieu Briand's experiment in "controlled schizophrenia" and Janet Cardiff and Georges Bures Miller's uneasy psychological soundscapes to Bruce Nauman's uncanny night visions and François Roche's destabilized architecture. The art in Sensorium—which accompanies an exhibition at the MIT List Visual Arts Center—captures the aesthetic attitude of this hybrid moment, when modernist segmentation of the senses is giving way to dramatic multisensory mixes or transpositions. Artwork by each artist appears with an analytical essay by a curator, all of it prefaced by an anchoring essay on "The Mediated Sensorium" by Caroline Jones. In the second half of Sensorium, scholars, scientists, and writers contribute entries to an "Abecedarius of the New Sensorium." These short, playful pieces include Bruno Latour on "Air," Barbara Maria Stafford on "Hedonics," Michel Foucault (from a little-known 1966 radio lecture) on the "Utopian Body," Donna Haraway on "Compoundings," and Neal Stephenson on the "Viral." Sensorium is both forensic and diagnostic, viewing the culture of the technologized body from the inside, by means of contemporary artists' provocations, and from a distance, in essays that situate it historically and intellectually.' (from website of the MIT Press)

Only the artists with Asian backgrounds are listed below. 
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Chapter headings
The Mediated Sensorium - Caroline A. JONES, Caroline A. JONES
Curatorial Essays/Artist Statements
Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller - Marjory JACOBSON
Natascha Sadr Haghighian - Bill ARNING
Christian Jankowski - Bill ARNING, Joe HALDEMAN
Bruce Nauman - Jane FARVER
Francois Roche and R&Sie(n) - Jane FARVER
Anri Sala - Marjory JACOBSON
Sissel Tolaas - Bill ARNING
Air - Bruno LATOUR
Artificial - Mark DOTY
Auditory - Michael BULL
Compoundings - Donna HARAWAY
Corpus - Stephen WILSON
Decorporealization - Amelia JONES
Fragrance - Constance CLASSEN
Godscan - Peter LUNENFELD
Identity Theft - Caroline BASSETT
IPod - Michael BULL
Kinaesthesia - Zeynep CELIK
Labanotation - Yvonne RAINER
Mediation - Michael BULL
Mental Image - Stephen M. KOSSLYN
Nanofacture - Peter L. GALISON
Networked Eyes - William J. MITCHELL
Neurodynamics - Barbara Maria STAFFORD
Neuroexistentialism - Joseph DUMIT
Ocularity - Martin JAY
Prosthetics - Bill ARNING
Remote Sensing - Caroline BASSETT
Spectral - Jonathan CRARY
Surveillant - Thomas Y. LEVIN
Tethering - Sherry TURKLE
Umami - Hiroko KIKUCHI
Utopian Body - Michel FOUCAULT
Yuck Factor - Caroline BASSETT
Sensorium: Embodied Experience, Technology, and Contemporary Art
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Sensorium: Embodied Experience, Technology, and Contemporary Art