This is the monograph of the artist Hon Chi-fun. Documenting Hong Kong artist Hon Chi-fun's 40 years of incessant passion and personal breakthroughs in the quest for abstract space, eternity and being alive in the paintings of art and in the art of paintings. The book also features a rare revelation of artist's own story, as well as noted commentaries from art commentators.

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artist monograph

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My Own Story - HON Chifun, 韓志勳
The Story of Light - HSIUNG Pingming, 熊秉明
His Unending Journey - CHOI Yanchi, 蔡仞姿
Hon Chi-fun's Works Being Modern and Oriental Re-pondered - MAN Kitwah Eva, 文潔華
The Life Force of Hon Chi-fun - Ted GOSSEN
Hon Chi-fun and the Culture of Hong Kong - LUK Hungkay, 陸鴻基
A Camera as a Painting Brush - HON Chifun, 韓志勳
My Way with Serigraphy - HON Chifun, 韓志勳
Space and Passion: The Art of Hon Chi-fun
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Space and Passion: The Art of Hon Chi-fun, 恒迹:韓志勳作品集