"Des espaces de liberte et de creativite culturelles" by writer Henry puts the unique contemporary art scene in Hong Kong in historical, political and social context; he mentions the 1997 handover, Article 23, SARS, bird flu, Disneyland, and suicides. He describes Hong Kong's developing art scene on Oil Street and the troubled West Kowloon Project, and sees Hong Kong as a creative hub of Asian art, as evidenced by the recent creation of the Asia Art Archive. He contrasts the more conceptual, experimental art of Hong Kong that is concerned with identity and history, with the more market-friendly pop movement and figure-centric art that has dominated China for the past fifteen years.
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Des espaces de liberte et de creativite culturelles

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Jul 2007

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Le Monde Diplomatique, Jul 2007, Section Supplement: Hong Kong, pp. 4–5

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