'Hosted by Incheon Foundation for Arts & Culture and planned by Incheon Art Platform, "The 1st Incheon Peace Art Project - Sea of Conflict, Sea of Reconciliation" exhibition was prepared hoping that the North and South of the Korean Peninsula—the land of our livelihood in our present and future—reconcile and cooperate for a peaceful coexistence.

'Wishing for peace and harmony may be somewhat ordinary, but it is a value that we hold dearly under our present circumstances. Today's exhibition is a culmination of work by artists desiring peace through discussions and creative work over a long period of time. We firmly believe that this exhibition will help Incheon position itself as a city of peace, and from this onwards, we intend to continue our art project befitting Incheon as the "crossroads to peace."' (p.11)

Artist biographies included (Korean only). 
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Greetings - KANG Kwang, 강광
The Two Faces of Peace - Seungmi LEE, 이승미
Incheon Peace Declaration - CHOI Wonsik, 최원식
The Long Journey of the Five West Sea Islands - LEE Youngri, 이영리
작품 배치도
전시장 전경
Kang Hyuk
Koh Changyu
Kong Sunghun
Kim Kwangsung
Kim Sungho
Kim Yongok
Kim Jaehwa
Kim Jongoh
Kim Jooho
Kim Jiwon
Kim Taeeun
Kim Taejun
Kim Hyunchul
Kim Hyounggi
Dorothy Deon
Dho Jisung
Ryu Seonghwan
Park Chungeui
Park Heungsoon
Bae Jinho
Suh Yongsun
Sung Hyosook
Song Philyong
Sun Guanghua
Yeo Un
Oh Sukkuhn
Yoo Jiwhan
Yun Suknam
Lee Myoungbok
Lee Boorok & An Jimi
Lee Seahyun
Lee Yongbaek
Lee Yunyop
Lee Leenam
Lee In
Lee Junggu
Lee Tal
Jung Jungyeob
Chung Pyunghan
Jo Seub
Zhou Qi
Cha Kiyoul
Choi Byungkuk
Choi Jungsook
Takeshi Moro
Ha Sungheub
Han Wonsuk
Heo Yongcheul
He Wenjue
Hong Seonwung
Hong Jiyoon
Lee Seki
Kang Jeyoon
Kim Changsu
Oh Sieun
Lee Junggu
Park Chungeui
The 1st IPAP: Sea of Peace
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The 1st IPAP: Sea of Peace, 제1회 인천 평화 미술 프로젝트: 분쟁의 바다 화해의 바다

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